Raised Acacia Cake Stand

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Acacia wooden cake stand with gold pin legs. Board Dia: 30cm, Thickness: 3cm thick. Overall height 13cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: Buy exclusive wood cake stand display in attractive pricing with Luxe Wedding Décor. This beautiful piece of art is made up of raised acacia wood and an ideal to use as a cake stand, ensuring a picture-perfect appearance.
Answer: This item is handcrafted and there could be minor color or pattern variations, which is common and adds to the product's uniqueness. It can also be used as a serving tray or chopping board. It has 3 gold pin legs for better standing and our attractive pricing makes it the first choice. It has food-safe polish to coat the wood.
Answer: Aside from baking, cake presentation is crucial. Cakes must look as good as they taste in the age of the internet. Fortunately, Luxe Wedding Décor has the best cake stands for the deed! Cake stands are the saviours that make the cakes look spectacular. These come in a variety of shapes and styles, and they work well to highlight the form, shape, and style of a cake.

Answer: The wood cake stand display is the most popular among bakers. They are brownish, handcrafted, and have a picturesque vibe, evoking a timeless beauty that makes them perfect for displaying large cakes. You can get this kind of cake stand from Luxe Wedding Décor for the best performance.