B- grade Wishing Well Gold and Rose Gold

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Gold Mirror Wishing Well. 25cm X 25cm X 25 Height. Mirror Plastic on the sides (not acrylic) 

Gold Wishing Well

Get the one time use wishing well at your wedding from us at Luxe Wedding Decor. (Not acrylic). We are the biggest and the most trusted name when it comes to wedding decor.

Marriage is one of the most important days of your life. On this day, even the smallest details are taken care of. From the type of flowers to be used in the decoration to the flavor of the cake. In between, most people forget the importance of a fine-looking decoration box.

 While being secured with a tiny lock in the front, it also has a horizontal opening on the top. This makes it easier for your guests to drop down their donations.

If you have been searching for a good priced one time use wedding wishing well for a long time, then your back-breaking hunt is now over. Pick your favorite color and buy it now!