Save on Shipping by reading this! Shipping and Returns Policy PLEASE READ

We genuinely want to help our customers save on shipping costs. Especially Perth, Tassie and other regional customers that dont want to spend more on shipping than other major cities. We offer a depot pick up option we strongly suggest you take if you are ordering larger items. Email

Saving on Shipping costs



Rates are calculated on size and weight. It takes 5-10 days for shipping to be received. Some items may take longer as we have limited stock at our Sydney warehouse. We ship to New Zealand as well! Contact us for a shipping quote!!

Returns are available within 30 days after delivery. Must not be used and packed back in original packing.  Buyers Will have shipping paid for by LWD.  The buyer bearing no cost at all. 

International Buyers.
We can’t refund shipping costs if you want to return your item.  Shipping can take up to 1-2 months.