Wedding Venues: Four Types of Wedding Venues to Consider.

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You have set a wedding date, found the style you want to achieve, and now a wedding. Now it’s time to organize a wedding venue! We look at our types of Wedding Venues and the benefits of what each venue can bring.



A Marquee is a flexible option, which allows the bride and the groom to have a reception virtually anywhere, within a reasonable distance of power and toilet facilities. If you plan to have a reception outside, the marquee is a great backup plan if the weather becomes unpredictable. Unfortunately, if the weather is too bad, such as strong winds, thunder, and rains, a marquee may not be the best solution.



Holding the event in the barn is a great option for those on a budget. The ‘rustic look’ is already a part of the barn feel. Decorating the barn with haystacks and older style decorations, not much needs to be spent on wedding decor.


Reception Halls

Reception halls are a great option for those who want to stay close to the suburbs they live in. For example, if want a reception close to Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, you could have a Sydney wedding in a major hotel such as Sydney Hilton, or Sydney Four Seasons Hotel. These have top cooks, and stylists on the book at your disposal. Staying at these hotels is a great idea if you are not restricted by a small budget and you have international guests coming to stay at the wedding.



Restaurants are a great idea if you have a limited budget. A small wedding can be catered to at the reception. This may be better for second marriages and for couples who don’t want a large wedding. You can even choose a restaurant that aligns with your cultural background. For example, an Indian restaurant may be suited for an Indian wedding, as they offer Indian cuisine. They also have suppliers which would be appropriate for a proper Indian celebration.