Facets of Judging the Quality of Products Online.

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 People tend to have certain beliefs when it comes to determining the quality of an item. While many of these beliefs tend to be correct, some are misconceptions based on what is heard from other people.

Common Misconceptions

Items Made in Certain Countries are of Bad Quality.  

This isn’t necessarily the case. While items made in Australia are often good quality, the material and the craftsmanship will affect the finished product. Countries in Asia have improved in regard to production output and quality. Some of the best know brands, such as Apple and Coach manufacture their items in East Asia. Jaguar does some of its manufacturing in India. The quality of the product is depended on each factory; how they train their staff, the materials they use to produce their goods, and the equipment used.

Prettier High-Quality Pictures Mean The Items Will Be of High Quality.

With applications like Instagram or Google Shopping, companies are turning to more visual mediums to sell their products. Techniques are used to draw the customer away from the limitations of the product and distract them by using visually appealing backdrops and colourful props. A basic photo in the sunlight with no visual obstacles to divert your attention away from minute details of the product is what to look for is what the customer really needs.

Things That Affect The Quality of The Product.

Materials The Product is Made From.

Materials will affect the price of the product. This is because different materials are made from elements and will affect the quality. Please read our article Quality Guide of Materials- 4 Materials in Review.

The Price.

Unfortunately, the adage “you get what you pay for” is true in regard to this. It is important to trust your instinct if something comes across as “too cheap” especially if the item is not overstocked. If I pay $40 for an item that is normally $130, would I be happy paying for an item that is 1/3 of the quality? It is important to keep your expectations in check if you buy online. Contact the retailer and ask questions like, “what is the product made from?” or “What’s your return policy like?”. You don’t want to be stuck with a sub-quality item while retailers ignore your pleas to return the product.