Check these 5 Bohemian Themed wedding Décor

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Bohemian Themed wedding Décor
The bohemian style is dominated by a free spirit. The style or the theme predominantly features, a rustic, and artistically distinctive taste. When such a theme is chosen for your wedding, you are presented with a lot of scopes to play with.

All about the boho element:

The word boho is all about an aura that caters to the natural elements. With excellent diverse items to produce individual and unique aesthetics, these boho elements will create an ambient atmosphere.

Here are 5 ways in which you can incorporate the free will of bohemian aesthetics into your celebrations.

Tents are a go-to Boho stuff- With the help of branches that leave wildflowers you can easily make a canopy or a tent-like structure. The conical canopies and the figs will give a very natural feeling to the tent created. One can use it as a photo booth for a nice picture. A floral canopy made of roses and orchids will not only look mesmerizing but will add that colour to the decor. This can be both an outdoor and an indoor decor idea.

Lights can work wonders, lights can weave magic

Always try and incorporate warm tone lights or yellow lights. These impart the place with a cosy feel and also the setting is allured with a sense of festivity. You can place some warm bulb lights hanging from the canopy. You can also incorporate glass lighting. This particularly works for an indoor wedding set up though. The bulb scan be good for out door boho theme weddings.

Dreamcatcher adding a dreamy affair to your wedding

Dreamcatchers are a common highlight of bohemian decor, and these have earned a lot of prevalence in modern times as they lend themselves to artistic ideas. Feathers, a range of color blends, and patterns all add to the lasting allure at contemporary weddings. You can keep the vibe minimalist by hanging a few prominent and colourful dreamcatchers from branches of trees or go abundant by using plenty of these round attractions in diverse dimensions and designs.


With its sources beginning in classical societies and cultures, the entangled work of macramé produces the best of design and history to the decoration. Provide your guests to step into your parties through a macramé gateway. You can also attach potted plants in creatively bound weapons for that natural touch, or use table runners for your outdoor lunch– the possibilities are all beautiful and sophisticated.

Fly high with Rugs or carpets

Rugs are a very boho thing. You can incorporate rugs in your boho wedding theme and it will give you a classical charm with notes of a vintage festivity. The entire decor gives a nomadic vibe the party. Add some colourful cushions for your guest. These kinds of themes are perfect for outdoor weddings. Also, a small forum can be made of rugs where the bride and the groom can sit.


You can make your special day all the more beautiful with the above-mentioned beautiful Bohemian Themed wedding Décor.