5 Theme based ideas for your wedding décor

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Wedding Decoration Theme

When preparing your wedding, one of the simplest methods to have coherence between the various parts of your exceptional day is to have a themed wedding. Many people think of wedding themes as wearing costumes or doing something different. But they can be classy and sophisticated while also planning a wedding day that will be hard for your guests to forget. A wedding theme is included in all aspects of your wedding including invitations, party decorations, favours, and sometimes wedding attire. Having a wedding theme could also help you set the reception dinner.  

Here are 5 Theme based ideas for your wedding décor

Colour theme decor-

Here the theme can be of a soft pastel shade. For instance, a light blue or pastel green Along with these you can incorporate glass décor pieces or beautiful candlelight to incorporate a dreamy feel. Flowers can be yet another addition. With blue in the theme, blue flowers can really work wonders. Orchids can add a beautiful charm to the entire event.

Fall wedding theme-

The fall wedding theme presents a vivid and friendly experience for all those visiting the wedding ceremony and reception. During this time, leaves shed and thus gives a very unique colour palate for the theme. Yellow flower decorations can be a great addition to such theme.

Butterfly Wedding Theme-

Butterfly releases after the wedding ceremony are growing quite popular with couples. If a butterfly release will be part of your wedding, you can make butterflies part of your theme with butterfly embellishments. This theme has a symbolic meaning as well. The release of butterfly also has a meaning of a new life and embracing the bliss of new life.

Wine Wedding Theme

A wine-themed wedding can be something new especially for people who love wine. You can hire a sommelier to put collectively a good collection of wine for a reception tasting or pick wines that mean something to you and your spouse. Perhaps the first glass you requested at a restaurant could be the opening drink to the ceremony. Embellishments can include wine bottles, grapevines, or posters of wine regions. For wedding favours, you can give your guests a bottle of wine with an individualized label of the bride and groom.

Sports Wedding Theme

You could have a theme of a certain sport, such as golf or cricket, and garnish with items from those sports, with wedding favours reflecting the sport given to guests. Or, you could glorify a certain team.


A little planning and creativity will go a long way in creating your own wedding theme to come to fruition. To buy the proper dinner sets for plating, dainty lights that complement the decor and other such wedding accessories can be incorporated to make the entire event a thoughtfully crafted day. Hence with the above-mentioned Unique themes can indeed make your Wedding Day a dream come true event. So, without further pondering, get started with your theme and select the perfect decoration.