4 things that will add some edge to your wedding

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Extra Edge to Your Wedding

A wedding is more than just the unification of two souls; it is an occasion to celebrate love and all things that make life worth living. For every couple, their wedding is a momentous event. It is no surprise then, that every couple wants their wedding to be unique. An opportunity that will allow them to showcase to the world their collective tastes and outlook towards life.

As they say, God lies in the details. To make the wedding stand out, one only has to look into the finer detailing. If taken good care of, they will add the extra edge to the wedding – making it stand out to all others.

Thematic Lighting

Nothing screams more class, than well thought lighting. It is best to ditch the conventional arc and spotlights, in favour of theme aligned lighting. First one must decide on a central theme – e.g., it could be purity led white or passion pink. Accordingly, the lighting pieces may be curated. For the guest areas it could be interesting themed floor lamps. For the couple area, it could be pendant lights or even a canopy of fairy lights. Whatever one chooses, if stitched into the overall scheme of things, lighting has the power to transform a regular wedding into grandiose.

Nuptial Décor

With the lights taken care of, the next natural point of attention becomes décor. Fortunately this is one category where the choices are nearly limitless. Everything from the couple’s backdrop to the plants and flower installations around can be tailored to the couple’s choices. For a more nuanced feel, addition of centrepieces, mantle ware, candle stands and other such elements will create a compelling experience.

Dinner Table Details

Every wedding is known for its food and beverages. Whereas most couples like to focus on the menu and the catering thereof, focusing some attention to the actual dinner setting will altogether add another dimension. Today everything ranging from food displays to the glassware and cutlery used, can be personalized. When woven into the overall selection of food, the dinner table detailing can well be the extra that guests will remember and talk, even after the wedding is over.

Ambient Experience

In totality, the wedding experience is what will be engraved in the minds and hearts of the invitees. In order to round up the experience, the couple must also devote some attention to the background music. In keeping with the décor and the lights, the right music will create a symphony of love and memories. The final icing on the cake could be the placing of fragrance diffusers and atomizers. This will ensure that the wedding becomes a multi-sensory journey for all those involved.


The above enablers, though simple in theory, are actually of paramount importance. Often in going with the location, the food selection etc. the organizers end up overlooking them. However, this are the actual clinchers. If well thought out and synchronized in an all-overall theme – the wedding will truly be transcendental. One that will be for all times’ sake!