10 Trendy ideas for wedding table decoration

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Top 10 Trendy Ideas for Wedding Table Decoration

Weddings are always fun and special. It is a day where people plan and execute their dream and how they want the day to look like. At weddings, decor plays a major part. With so much to do people often find it challenging to select the right wedding table décor.

Here are 10 Trendy ideas for a wedding table decoration that will make your wedding a sure hit

1. Flowers-

You can use various orchids or roses or flowers of pastel shade that will give your table a pristine look.

2. Flowers & Fruits.

Combining these 2 elements together can work wonders. You can place a fruit basket and then adorn it with flowers. This decor elements gives you the scope to play with a lot of colours.

3. Fruits.

Rather than the same old flowers, why not mix them up with some eye-appealing fruits. This can be like a small basket that can include fruits like cherries, strawberries. Small and colourful fruits will look good.

4. Tablecloths.

This can be a great element to play with. You can incorporate lace table cloths or paper table clothes keeping that in sync with your wedding theme. A satin table cloth can also be a very good addition.

5. Napkins:

Theme-coloured napkins are so often overlooked, yet they're a perfect way to add some flair & style to the tables. In case your wedding has a predominant theme colour then you can add this to your table.

6. Candles.

Candles can be used as table decor. You can put them inside glass candle holder and place it on table to give a warm and a lighted up ambience. Fragrant candles can also be used and it adds all the more detail to your event.

7. Engraved or personalised Cards.

Well, this is quite a detailed arrangement, nonetheless it has a very personal touch to it. With every table you will have cards that have the guest names engraved. This will only happen when you know which guest is siting where.

8. Photos.

Get 8-10 before wedding photos of you & your soon-to-be spouse, make lots of copies of each, buy inexpensive picture frames in bulk, and start decorating! You can place 3 of your favourite pictures like an outward tent like angle where the pictures will be visible.

9. Long table-

This is very classy and has a sense of unity. You have a long table with all the cutlery nicely aligned. All the guests can dine together and the couple can sit at the front and raise a toast to the occasion.

10. Round table décor-

With a maximum of 6 to 7 people this classy quintessential wedding table decor can never go wrong.

Conclusion:With all these wedding table decoration tips, you are ready to set the mood for your wedding reception on the big day of yours. With these pretty and some unique table décor ideas, your guests will surely be bound to appreciate it.